1.  Is it possible to enroll in The Log College as an off campus student?

No.  The great value in this education is the opportunity to get class room instruction while devoting four months to intensive hands-on training in open-air preaching and evangelism.  While it would be possible to get the “head knowledge”, without the unique environment that the College offers you lose out on the most important part of the training: application.

2.  What are the expenses?

The expenses for The Log College break down into two main categories: tuition and room\board.  Our projected charges are based on covering both of these vital needs.  At this time, we project the budget to be about $1,000.00 per month, or $4,000.00 for the entire four month program.  This expense includes room, two meals per day, and all educational costs for the school.  Text books are a little bit extra.

3.  Do I have to be a five point Calvinist to attend?

No.  If you are not settled on the issue of the doctrines of grace, you may attend The Log College.  If you reject the doctrines of grace then we would advise you to look elsewhere.  The issue here is whether or not you are teachable.

If Charles Finney is your homeboy, if you consider Pelagius to be a church father, and if you think Servetus was orthodox we’d love the chance to share the gospel with you, but you would be better served looking for a program that agrees with your doctrine.

4.  What will a typical day look like?

After an early rising and personal time in the Word and prayer you will eat breakfast with your class.  You will begin your day with independent study (reading and writing).  Around mid-morning you will attend class lectures in the areas of apologetics and homiletics.  After the lunch break you will either attend lectures from our visiting lecturers or do additional independent study.

In the afternoon or in the early evening you will head out to ministry assignments throughout the metro Syracuse area.  These could include preaching near the campus of Syracuse University, in local parks and street corners, bus stop preaching, door to door evangelism, various covert assignments, festivals, and more.

After returning from your assignments, you will report on evangelistic contacts with your team leader and then enjoy dinner with your classmates.  The time after dinner until “lights out” will be spent studying.

5.  Will I be qualified to pastor a church when this training is completed?

The Log College is not a licensing organization.  Upon graduation, you could look into being licensed to preach at your local church, depending on their requirements.  Students who demonstrate the qualifications of an elder (1 Tim. 3; Titus 1) and the calling to ministry will be encouraged to continue their education with TNARS while being submitted to a local church. Graduates will be encouraged to do evangelistic work in the Northeast while they pursue this course with the hope that the Lord may direct them to plant churches in that region.

6.  Is The Log College accredited?

No.  All credits are fully transferrable to The North American Reformed Seminary (recognized by the Evangelical Reformed Council on Academics) for their highly respected program or one of the fine institutions that accept their credits. New Geneva Theological Seminary, Western Reformed Seminary, Farel Reformed Theological Seminary (all ARTS accredited), Biblical Seminary (regionally accredited and by ATS) or Cummins Memorial Theological Seminary (accredited by the Commission of Theological Education of the Reformed Episcopal Church).  Additionally the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church of America are permitted to do trials and licensing for ordination.  The question when looking at a program is not their accreditation; it is the work they expect and the content of what is taught.   Look at any of our syllabi and you will agree that our work compares favorably with most accredited undergraduate programs.

7.  What are the class sizes?

We are equipped to handle ten to fifteen students per semester.  We have two semesters per year.

8.  How do I apply?

Click on “Admissions” and get started!